Salmon Hygiene Technology

Colour coding cleaning tools can assist greatly in reducing the risk of cross contamination and ensuring compliance to HACCP principles. This methodical approach associates each product to a particular area, enabling inter-departmental or food type segregation. Further more, by storing the tools away from surfaces and in a colour coded wall bracket, they will remain hygienically clean, last longer and be readily identifiable if missing.

Most of the Salmon Products are colour coded. There are up to 9 colours available in 'Salmon Hygiene Technology' line. They are also fully compliant with regulations. 'Salmon Hygiene Technology' products can withstand extremely heavy use and resist moisture absorption and associated baterial contamination. They are also ergonomic and easy to clean.

Most brush backs are made out of thickened polypropylene, thereby offering superior durability. Filaments are secured with corrosion free, food grade stainless steel staples as a minimum, with the option of the additional 'Resin-Set DRS' method which revolutionises tuft retention. In addition, all brushes can be boiled and the majority autoclaved at 273F.

The benefits of implementing HACCP and Colour Coding :

  • 1. Helps eliminate cross contamination
  • 2. Improves awareness of potential hazards
  • 3. Prioritises and controls potential hazards
  • 4. Internationally recognised approach
  • 5. Used at all stages of food production
  • 6. Improves customer and consumer confidence
  • 7. Trading benefit
  • 8. Can be aligned with other Management & QA Systems



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