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Anti-Microbial Hygienic Tools™
Bacteria can spread easily in high risk areas such as hospitals and food manufacturing facilities. Some harmful bacteria known as resilient bacterium, such as Listeria, can survive in hotter or colder conditions.
Organisations have the ultimate responsibility of ensuring that the products they source, process and pack can be safely consumed and used – physical, chemical and biological cleanliness is an absolute prerequisite for food and healthcare safety.

Why use Our Anti-Microbial Products?
The use of chemicals in cleaning is common, but using them alone is not always the most effective method. Manual cleaning with brushes (alongside chemical use) is still the best way of removing as much bacteria as possible because the filaments can reach into areas where chemicals cannot, where biofilms may have formed. Using Our Anti-Microbial brushes gets to the hard-to-reach areas to clean away the bacteria and significantly reduces the risk of any cross-contamination by preventing bacteria replicating on them.
Our Anti-Microbial products contain a uniquely created additive using silver-ion technology that inhibits the growth of mould, mildew and bacteria on the surface of the products themselves.

Benefits of our Anti-Microbial Products :

1. Prevents in excess of 99% of bacterial contamination including MRSA and E-Coli
2. Comprehensive approval for food contact applications
3. The anti-microbial properties do not deteriorate over time and are unaffected by the harshest cleaning chemicals and abrasion
4. The silver based anti-microbial additive is an integral part of the plastic components, as well as the resin and filaments used in our anti-microbial range
5. All Anti-Microbial brushware features the ‘Dual Retention System’ (DRS®) as standard
6. Can be used in temperatures from -10°C to 120°C
7. Autoclavable in temperatures up to 134°c8.
8. Made in UK

Manual cleaning is still key, so the right equipment is vital.

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