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We are the authorized  distributor of leading brand, Salmon® Hygiene Technology, manufactured by Hill Brush. A leading highest quality brushware manufacturer since 1922. All brushware is produced in United Kingdom. They are made with the highest quality for your industry requirements.

We specialise in improving the cleaning and sanitation of the environment within the manufacturing or processing area. Finding the right equipment that will improve hygiene is difficult as there are so many options available. With our strong background in microbiology, we have sourced equipment that is effective and guarantee to work.

We supply the following brushware types :

  1. Anti Microbial
    The ultimate safety in cleaning. The brushware contains a uniquely created additive using silver-ion technology that inhibits the growth of mould, mildew and bacteria on the surface of the products themselves.
  2. Resin Set
    Superior cleaning with revolutionary improvement brush filament retention system known as ‘Dual Retention System – DRS’.
  3. Professional
    Brushware is available in 8 colours to help eliminate cross contamination and promote HACCP compliance.
  4. Metal And X-Ray Detectable (MDX)
    Total MDX: Where all components are detectable, including resin and filaments. The brushes in this range are resin-set to ensure added filament security. These products are available in navy blue. Colour Coded MDX: Where only the filaments are detectable and the brush back is available in selected colours.

We cater for all business size, from small business to big operations.


FMCG Industry Solutions
Unit 11A/1 – 3 Endeavour Road
Caringbah NSW 2229
Phone: 1300 628 104 / (02) 9540 2288
Fax : (02) 90120320
Email: info@hygienebrush.com.au

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