110mm Heat Resistant Plastic Scraper

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  • 110mm wide plastic hand scraper, 254mm long, with hanging hole.
  • Black only.
  • The formulation of the plastic allows it to be used in temperatures up to 240C. Test first to ensure it is satisfactory for its application. Heat proof gloves should be worn when in use.
  • Designed for areas with stringent safety requirements such as food manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, hospital, and laboratory.
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • HACCP compliance

Product Specification

Stock Dimensions 253mm Length x 110mm Width x 18mm Height
Stock Finish Polypropylene
Filament Retention Standard
Usage Temperature Min Temp. -18°c
Max Temp. 240°c
Cleaning Max autoclave temperature: 134°c/275°F for 15 minute intervals.
Product can be cleaned in an industrial dishwasher at 82°c/180°F.
Clean the product of lime residues with a cleaning solution, which has a pH between 7.0-12.2

Product Specification Sheet

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