115mmØ Medium Fill Plastic Core Tube Brush

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  • Ideal for cleaning tubes and drains. White core only.
  • The threaded plastic core will fit any handle in our Hygiene Range.
  • Designed for areas with stringent safety requirements such as food manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, hospital, and laboratory.
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • HACCP compliance

Product Specification

SKU B1529/115
Stock Dimensions 203mm Length x 116mm width x 114mm height
Stock Finish Polypropylene
Fill Material Medium Polyester
Usage Temperature Min Temp. -18°c
Max Temp. 79°c
Cleaning Max autoclave temperature: 134°c/275°F for 15 minute intervals.
Product can be cleaned in an industrial dishwasher at 82°c/180°F.
Clean the product of lime residues with a cleaning solution, which has a pH between 7.0-12.2

Product Specification Sheet

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